Tweedledee Has Arrived Even Before the Premier of Alice In Wonderland!

February 3, 2010

JCPenney: It’s all inside. Clothing? Jewelry? Customers? It’s probably all true, but wait, could I even fit through the store door? Fitting through those revolving doors is tough enough, but along with that heavy load I’m carrying (and I’m not talkin about the bag), it’s altogether just too much to handle in my opinion. Seriously, if I don’t go on a diet soon, I could die of some terrible fat disease. Plus, they don’t even make clothing in 4X, do they?

Verdict: Not pregnant, but at this weight I wish she was.


One Response to “Tweedledee Has Arrived Even Before the Premier of Alice In Wonderland!”

  1. Brockapotamus Says:

    I have also played the pregnant or fat game although I usually abbreviate it to F or P. I was unaware that it was as popular as it is. I realized the other day that I might be an F or P because of a very comfortable not so becoming dress I was wearing… but I was OK with it. I have also began playing another game that can’t be played as often but I call it – wife or daughter. Wife can be substituted by girlfriend or partner but I think you get the idea.

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