A Partially Obstructed View, But That’s A-Okay!

July 9, 2009


My shoes, my poor shoes. Do you realize how much stress they’re under? They’re thin enough to not support my delicate arches (I used to be a foot model), but now these shoes are practically the blame for my kankles. It’s a recent development, you know. I wasn’t born with ’em. Stinkin’ Mickey D’s gave ’em to me…and it’s no coincidence I’m standing outside the golden arches right here! Seriously, my shirt is too tight and I shouldn’t be allowed in public looking like this. Actually, I might be inspiring people not to eat at McDonald’s. Look at me! I’m an inspiration to young people everywhere!

Verdict: Gimme an E! Gimme an X! Gimme a–just excercise already. No pregnancy to look-e at here.


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