I’m a Huge Inspiration

July 6, 2009


Ok, let me be the first to admit it:

I’m a little bigger than your typical model. I don’t let my entire day consist of eating a single candy bar and smoking for the rest of the day.

That doesn’t mean I’m not proud. I’m a beautiful woman, and you know what? It shows. I was at the drive-thru this morning and when the girl asked, “You want fries with that?” I replied, “You want cleavage with that?” As my momma always said, you got it, you flaunt it! I just don’t think that most shirts really show enough of what I got. Sure, it hugs my curves down there. But what if I want to show more skin? See, that’s where most of the clothing companies get you. But you see, I got this thing going on with this shirt, and it’s letting me be me. It’s letting me express myself how I see fit. And if I want to show you my CLUCK (Crack of the Lower-Upper Chest Kingdom), I sure as heck can.

Essentially, if what you see here is not your cup of tea, then I suggest you walk on the other side of the street. I’ve got more than you can handle, SON!

Verdict: I may talk about a son, but I sure ain’t giving birth any time soon.


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