A BIG Nook, a little Cranny?

July 2, 2009


This picture is the epitome of Thomas’ English Muffins. Except perhaps it’s a bit reversed. Or perhaps you’d much rather have one of those instead of me. Anyhow, isn’t it just adorable how that young man’s arm follows the beautiful contours of my body? Of course, when there’s really just one big bump there, it’s sort of hard to find a cranny. But he did, oh boy DID he! I know some wish they were little on bottom but big on top like I am, but I guess not everyone can have this bod! Pregnant women are jealous of my thin legs, but they avoid eye contact with my upper body. Still, they’re jealous! Except when you’re not pregnant, I guess that’s not something to brag about?

Verdict: A big cranny with a little nook might have been convincing, but this is just lard.


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