The Box Shaped Like a Woman

July 1, 2009


We like to call my kind the “Out, down, in” type. You see, I was posing for a caricature artist (a full-body pose, of course), and when I got the drawing back, he’d made my front, well, a rectangle. I hear that those artists take your best features and accentuate them. Well, I’m not sure why I was drawn so much in the cubist style, but I think it’s adorable. Besides, my shirt provides all the visual stimulation you could ever want! I think this is a great look, from my lack of shape in the front to my toes extending over my shoes on the bottom. It’s a great style on a great shape, and I think the fashionistas will soon catch on. They don’t eat enough anyway.

Verdict: Seriously, at my age? This is just a wrong, wrong shape to have.


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