A Martha Stewart Body…With a Baby?

June 16, 2009


If you think that this picture title is a compliment, you’re wrong.

Here’s why: Martha Stewart, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t have a great body. She’s got those skinny legs and a skinny top, but her waist and stomach bulge. It’s not ’cause of food. Don’t you always wonder why she’s always pictured behind counters and tables? She’s trying to hide that middle portion.

Me? I don’t even try to hide it. In fact, I try to make myself stand out with a bigger belly and a lovely beige rag–double the layers–to showcase it. In fact, I look like a teenager from the bottom…the cool slim shoes…the slim pants…and then BOOM! You hit my midsection with a visual and audio component that I’ll leave to the reader. Plus, I’ve got decades on all of you, so me being pregnant is out of the question.

Verdict: Preggers? Most certainly not. Tummy chub? Most certainly.


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