Can You Find All the Things that are Right About this Picture?

June 6, 2009


So, how many did you find?

Did you find zero things?

Then you’re CORRECT!

This travesty of an outfit belongs to me, and let me tell YOU, have I got PINKITUDE! My shirt is the perfect color, the perfect stretch…my boots really complement the outfit too, as does my doo rag. The day I was wearing this, this little boy actually pointed at me and asked if the woman in pink was pregnant. I turned around and realized that he must have been talking about the woman behind me. Except she was wearing more of a blue shade than a pink…but whatever. Don’t I look like awesomeness?

I want to get noticed; wouldn’t you if you looked like a star? People ask me if I’m actually BeyoncĂ© all the time! Sometimes I pose with people just to make them happy, lol.

Verdict: In a controlled study, no one found a pregnant chick in the picture.


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